Welcome to Slingpic and thanks for using our service!

Slingpic is a tool used by web publishers to help their users share images easily with their friends via social media platforms. We aim to make the sharing of images between users and their social friends as easy and intuitive as possible. In the process of using Slingpic, we may capture information on the user, this privacy policy outlines what information is captured and how it is used.

What we do:

  • Give you, the user, choices in how to use the service.
  • Respect users' cookie policies and offer clear information on the use of cookies.
  • Respect the publisher's choices.

What we don't do:

  • Share information about our users that can identify them individually.
  • Place cookies on a user's web browser after they've opted out of using Slingpic.
  • Use Flash cookies.
  • Sell a users data to 3rd parties.

In using the sharing service offered to users by Slingpic, the information from publisher sites may be used for the purpose of serving adverts, and enables Slingpic and our partner publishers and advertisers to use the value of the shared content and other information gathered through our technology to enable the delivery of relevant advertising. This policy describes how Slingpic collects information from users of our service and third-party web sites with whom we partner, how we use that information to enrich your browsing experience, and when we share that information with our partners and other third parties. This policy also describes the choices you have regarding how your information is used and shared.

We believe that the Slingpic improves our users' web experience. If you do not want us to use and/or share your information as described in this Policy, you can opt-out of Slingpic and we will not use your information.

If you have any questions please email info@slingpic.com

For more information on Cookies and their use in ad targeting online, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org and www.youronlinechoices.eu

This Privacy Policy refers only to Slingpic and the disclosure of information we collect when users utilise the Slingpic sharing tool to share images, visit a web site that uses the Slingpic sharing tool or uses the Slingpic service, or view advertisements we may serve. This policy does not apply to the other web sites, advertisers or ad networks, or other services or companies that we do not own or control.

1. Children

Children are not eligible to use our Service. We do not collect Personal Information from users we know are under 13 years of age, and we do not attract people under 13 years of age to use Slingpic.

2. How Slingpic Collects Information

Personal Information
We only collect Personal Information that you submit to us voluntarily by using the service. For example, you may need to log in to a 3rd party social network in order to share an image if you are not currently logged in to that service. You can choose not to provide us with information, but this may limit the features of the Site or Service you are able to use.

Anonymous Information
As you use Slingpic, certain Anonymous Information may be passively collected and stored, such as your Internet protocol address, domain name you are on, the browser type you use, and times the service is used, or aggregate data based on the context of the domain a user is on. We may also use Cookies. "Cookies" are small pieces of information that a website sends to a web browser when you are viewing the website. We use persistent Cookies which don't expire unless deleted. You can change your browser settings by changing its options or settings, to stop accepting cookies or to ask you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. If you do not accept cookies, however, you may not be able to use all of the services available with Slingpic.

3. How We Use The Information We Collect

We will use Personal Information to:

  • Improve the quality of Slingpic via customer service requests.
  • Communicate with you about Slingpic should you wish to receive updates.
  • Enable you to share images with your chosen social networks.

Slingpic may, through using Cookies, track your session history. We may use your Anonymous Information to analyze usage behaviour so we can improve Slingpic and improve our operations and software. Anonymous Information may also be used in serving targeted advertising.

4. Information Disclosed to Third Parties

This Privacy Policy addresses only our use and disclosure of information we collect from you on Slingpic. If you disclose information to others, the use and disclosure restrictions contained in this Privacy Policy will not apply to any third parties.

Slingpic contains links to other websites that are not owned or controlled by Slingpic. We have no control over and are not responsible for the privacy policies of content displayed on other websites. When you click on such a link, you will leave Slingpic and go to another site. During this process, another entity may collect Personal Information or Anonymous Information from you. Please review the privacy policy of any new site you visit.

Your Anonymous Information is not disclosed to 3rd parties in relation to targeted advertising.

5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated and amended from time to time. We will post all revised versions of the Privacy Policy on this page.